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paint protection film


Say goodbye to ordinary
window tint

Discover the transformative benefits of ceramic window tinting

Enhance your style and comfort, & stay cool

Experience maximum heat rejection and reflect harmful UVA/UVB rays for you and your loved ones with XPEL Prime XR ceramic window tint.


Whether you choose a light or dark shade, your selection will deliver exceptional results, no matter where your journey takes you.

What PRIME XR film is best for you?

PRIME XR PLUS ™ is a nano-ceramic window film window tint

Selected for its exceptional heat rejection capabilities, XPEL's premium window film, PRIME XR Plus, proves to be an ideal option for regions such as Sacramento's hot climate and intense sun exposure. The ceramic technology used in this window tint allows it to block a significant amount of solar heat, keeping the vehicle's interior cooler and more comfortable, even on the hottest days.

XPEL's PRIME XR Plus provides year-round benefits, offering heat retention and UV protection in the winter, just as it offers heat rejection and UV protection on a hot day. Its ability to balance interior temperature, reduced glare, and protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays makes it a versatile and practical choice for any season.

Starting at $795

PRIME XR BLACK ™ is a nano-ceramic window film window tint

​XPEL PRIME XR Black is the perfect choice for those looking for a darker and more stylish appearance for their vehicle at a more affordable cost. This premium window tint adds an elegant touch to your car's overall aesthetics while rejecting some heat and providing enhanced privacy for you and your occupants.


While not as heat-rejecting as Prime XR Plus, XR Black still provides adequate heat reduction and offers effective UV protection.The choice between XR Plus and XR Black ultimately depends on your specific preferences and priorities.  

If you prefer enhanced privacy, aesthetics, and adequate heat rejection, XPEL PRIME XR Black might be the ideal choice. It is best to discuss your specific needs with one of our experts who can guide you in selecting the XPEL PRIME window tint that aligns with your needs, driving conditions and budget.

Starting at $595

Bundle & Save

Add XPEL PRIME XR Plus or XR Black to any PPF and/or Ceramic Coating package to enjoy the comfort and benefits year-round. 

Benefits of XPEL PRIME XR

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